Speaking and Business Consulting

Mark Allan Powers is a serial entrepreneur and an astute and visionary thinker. Mark brings over 20 years of leadership experience focused on challenging conventional thinking. He constantly innovates in both large and small ways by the use of his humorous, inspirational and motivational speeches.

With over 24 years in the corporate world and over 20 years of business ownership, Mark teaches and speaks from true knowledge and experience. Discover how he can help your business achieve sustainable success. Whether you want to recharge your customer service team, marketing team or offer a unique form of sales training, corporate speaking is an excellent option. Through Mark's humorous, inspirational and motivational speeches, your teams can learn and be entertained simultaneously. You won't find a better combination than that!

Boldness is a leadership trait to be mastered


The mechanism that fuels the demand for courageous truth



Optimizing every
area of your business!

As a leader, a parent, and a community member, “The Power of Being BOLD” demonstrates how you make a difference in your company and it's people, with your family, and across the community you serve and live in and starts off with the seemingly “little” decisions we make every day and snowballs into a spirit of greatness.


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