HELLO THERE! When writing this eBook I wanted to take each of you on a journey designed to transform the way you live and the habits you embrace. Want to build better personal life and work habits? Most people do, especially since studies have shown that more than 40 percent of the "decisions" we make every day aren't really decisions--they're habits.

That means we tend to simply do what we've done before, which makes us less productive, less effective, less healthy and fit--less everything--than we could be.

The solution? Build new, positive habits.

Habits are habits for a reason. Habits feel good. Habits feel right. Even if you can see the logic for a different set of behaviors that will have better results, it is very hard to break one habit and create a new one. Research shows that it takes several weeks of consistent practice of a new set of behaviors to form a new habit. It takes even longer for a new habit to become entrenched. But remember, human beings are not just creatures of habit. We are products of our habits. Will you be the product of good habits or bad habits? That is your choice.



$4.99 USD  |  55 pages of value driven strategies to change your good or bad habits, plus a free 21-day habit change challenge to help you become your best self.



Mark Allan Powers is a serial entrepreneur that teaches and speaks from true knowledge and experience. Below you'll find his four speaking series which he constantly innovates in both large and small ways by the use of his humorous, inspirational and motivational speeches.

Eat. Pray. Hustle.

Too often we feel like underdogs fighting a system that stacks the odds against us. We work hard, follow the rules, and dream of a better life. But these days, working harder doesn’t always lead to fulfillment. It's your time to Eat. Pray. Hustle.

The Power of Being BOLD

As a leader, a parent, and a community member, “The Power of Being BOLD” demonstrates how you make a difference in your company and it's people, with your family, and across the community you serve and live in and starts off with the seemingly “little” decisions we make every day and snowballs into a spirit of greatness. Be a model of courage and commitment. It starts with your everyday decisions and how you embrace The Power of Being BOLD!

Mark Allan Powers

Train For Something

Your life journey begins right now. Start with a goal worth training for that doesn't involve the suffix "thon". We have to rethink what motivates us, what pushes us. What is your WHY? Why do you do what you do? How do you do it? Become your BEST Self. Everyone else is taken. Train For Something!


Start every day off with "I AM:. Use your "I AM" to change the world. Your mind is a powerful thing, and your thoughts have the ability to affect your performance in every area of life. In fact, your life cannot go forward if your mind is going backward! Are you unstoppable?

The forces of life are mighty.
Don’t you dare give up on your dreams when things get hard!


Speaking and Business Consulting

Mark Allan Powers is a serial entrepreneur and an astute and visionary thinker. Mark brings over 20 years of leadership experience focused on challenging conventional thinking. He constantly innovates in both large and small ways by the use of his humorous, inspirational and motivational speeches.

With over 24 years in the corporate world and over 20 years of business ownership, Mark teaches and speaks from true knowledge and experience. Discover how he can help your business achieve sustainable success. Whether you want to recharge your customer service team, marketing team or offer a unique form of sales training, corporate speaking is an excellent option. Through Mark's humorous, inspirational and motivational speeches, your teams can learn and be entertained simultaneously. You won't find a better combination than that!

Boldness is a leadership trait to be mastered.


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