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Forming daily work habits to achieve success

Efficiency & Productivity Successful entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 CEO’s make their money in vastly different ways. However, they understand the importance of forming daily work habits to achieve success. Although implementation differs from CEO to CEO, the end goal remains the same to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity to move the company forward. They limit meetings How often do you walk into a meeting where there’s no clear agenda and the timeframe isn’t stipulated? How Read more…

valuable employee
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How do you define a valuable employee?

How do you define a valuable employee? Is it experience or maybe work ethic? Do you see competence in a specific area as the be-all and end-all of determining employee value? What about soft skills? Do they hold the same value when interviewing for a rock star engineer or strategist position? Well, they should. While technical skills and other hard skills defined in the job description matter, it’s an employee’s people skills and a whole host of other personal attributes that are crucial Read more…