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A serial entrepreneur, Mark is an astute and visionary thinker. As the founder and CEO of Mark Allan Powers, Inc., CollectiveHIVE, FundMySMB, Powers Venture Group, Custom Fire Grates, Uncorked Monthly, and MelMarWines, he is no stranger to building and growing successful businesses. Mark brings over 20 years of leadership experience focused on challenging conventional thinking. He constantly innovates in both large and small ways by the use of innovative technology and processes to support the delivery of a superior human-to-human experience. He is a dedicated person to his trade and understands what truly matters for a business ventures to succeed and grow as well as leaders seeking new height in their careers . Mark is a proud father of a 4 year old daughter and a 6 year old son and expresses a desire to participate and become more involved in our children's lives. Mark firmly believes that both Moms and Dads are super heroes when it comes to raising confident, secure daughters and sons! On a daily basis Mark demonstrates how implementing boldness, hard work, smart risks and honest conversations connects leadership, family, and community together so they interact. He believes this is the mechanism that fuels the demand for courageous truth.