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Hello there! If your company would like me to present my "HABITS | Strategies for Successful Habit Change Formation” program to its employees please complete the form at the bottom of this page. There is no cost for this presentation and I would need one hour.

When an employee is well and focused on [his or her] job, the productivity, job satisfaction, and quality of the work increases. I have designed my program to help businesses nudge employees toward healthy workplace habits. Many companies offer programs, services, and other benefits that are meant to support their employees' well-being. In fact, recent research focuses on forming healthy habits, describing interventions that can improve a person's overall well-being and their productivity at work.

In my program I combine immersive Habit Labs, practice simulations, performance coaching + actionable resources to help your people become the best versions of themselves, and improve business performance as a result.

Most training programs overwhelm people with content, rely on knowledge to create change, are delivered as low energy, lecture-style sessions, lack the tools to internalize and apply learning, and feel like a waste of time and money.

My HABITS | Strategies for Successful Habit Change Formation” program is:
→ Focused on one habit at a time
→ Designed to build skills + internalize habits
→ Interactive, including role playing + practice focused sessions
→ Driven by habit + human behavior research
→ Ongoing, with performance coaching, tools + resources to apply learning
→ Led by experienced facilitators with deep domain knowledge

"HABITS | Strategies for Successful Habit Change Formation” program is designed to impart knowledge in order to develop skills and internalize habits.

- Are your employees stuck in a rut of mediocre workplace habits that aren't helping them build a successful career?
- Do you want to set your employees up to thrive, but just can't seem to get in the groove to propel them to the next level?


Productivity isn’t about quantity. It’s about doing the right task, at the right time. In other words, it’s about recognizing what to do when. But sometimes that’s easier said than done. You can help employees and managers improve their productivity with Productive Workplace Habits. Participants will begin to develop the positive habits they need to gain focus, learn how to prioritize tasks efficiently, become better organized, manage their time efficiently, work more effectively with colleagues—and even create better work-life balance.

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Incorporate The Power of Habits

Change is incredibly difficult for us human beings

And if you think it’s difficult to do this in your personal life, just think how hard it is to do the same for an entire company when you have to change the way hundreds or thousands of others behave too. Yet, with the rate that the world is changing today, companies at large need to change their workplace habits and evolve faster than ever before.

Truly “bad” workplace habits are not just mildly annoying or unusual, they are disruptive, inconsiderate, or cause losses to team productivity or cohesion. As a business owner, manager or executive, your first task is learning to differentiate between the tolerable or odd behavior, and bad habits that need to be broken.

Every company has hundreds if not thousands of processes and habits and a single bad habit can act as a magnet to others. Usually, bad workplace habits begin innocently but have a tendency to quickly snowball.  

Change needs to happen at the grassroots level

While change can be, and usually is, initiated at the top it really needs to happen at the grassroots level. There are a few reasons for this:

  - The habits of continuous improvement need to be rooted in everyone

  - More people driving change means more results

  - When staff takes care of developing operations, leadership can focus on the big picture

In order for change to happen and be a part of the company identity, it really needs to be rooted in every single employee. If they don't believe in change, you'll struggle to make anything happen but don't worry, this is where I am instrumental in helping organizations like yours succeed by continuously improving the way your employees embrace the strategies for habit change formation. For today’s workforce, workplace habit development is about moving forward and not just in terms of getting promoted. 

Implementing new processes and habits

Often, managers struggle to get employees to adopt new habits. However, shifting behavioral patterns is frequently part of a manager’s job. Perhaps a new step has been added to an existing work process, or new habits must be adopted for the sake of improving outcomes. In either case, there will typically be a period of resistance, during which employees forget to engage in the behavior, find the behavior challenging, or even refuse to do it. 

I help people create high-impact habits through live training + deliberate practice. I facilitate live workshops, provide one-on-one coaching and deliver helpful resources to help people master high-impact work habits. I have spent over a decade researching which habits make the difference for business performance, and creating an actionable framework for habit change.


→ Live Workshops

→ Online Resources

→ Immersive Learning

→ Habit Mastery Assessments



→ Role Playing + Deliberate Practice

→ Confidence + Competence Building

→ Peer Feedback + Benchmarking

→ Group + Individual Performance Coaching



→ Activities + Assignments

→ Peer Accountability Practice

→ Habit Mastery Coaching

→ Progress Reports + Evaluations

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$4.99 USD  |  55 pages of value driven strategies to change your good or bad habits, plus a free 21-day habit change challenge to help you become your best self.