Forming daily work habits to achieve success

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Efficiency & Productivity

Successful entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 CEO’s make their money in vastly different ways. However, they understand the importance of forming daily work habits to achieve success.

Although implementation differs from CEO to CEO, the end goal remains the same to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity to move the company forward.

They limit meetings

How often do you walk into a meeting where there’s no clear agenda and the timeframe isn’t stipulated?

How often do you leave with no sense of direction and feeling it was more of a social gathering?

A good workplace habit to implement is to always ask yourself whether an e-mail, phone call or another form of communication will suffice, before scheduling a meeting. In the words of Mark Cuban , Owner of the Dallas Mavericks and CEO of HDNet.

They keep short to-do lists to define focus

There’s a lot vying for a CEO’s attention. A successful habit for CEO’s is to keep to-do lists to ensure they focus on important activities; activities that will drive revenue. 

They plan their day in advance

Barbara Corcoran who built one of New York’s largest real estate companies recommends a habit of ranking activities in advance from most to least important and crossing them out during the course of the day.

They manage their internet habits

It’s easy to get distracted when working; from e-mail and Facebook notifications to being sidetracked whilst researching on Google. A good habit to enforce here is to block all audio and visual notifications from Outlook, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. If your work day is built around responding to e-mail or social media your priorities are wrong. You’re being re-active instead of pro-active.

They aren’t afraid to ask for help and delegate

Successful CEO’s and entrepreneurs are busy people. The problem is they often try to do everything themselves. The reality is they need help. CEO’s recognize they don’t know everything and they have limited time. Delegation then is one of the common work habits.

They rise for work early

The majority of CEOs have the work habit of rising early , with Brett Yormank, CEO of the Brooklyn Nets Basketball Franchise probably the best example. He wakes up at 03:30 in the morning.

They dedicate time to interact with people

CEO of Mixpanel, Suhail Doshi, believes this makes you more approachable. Walk around and encourage them and challenge them to push themselves to do more than they are comfortable with. You will soon find the rock stars.

Monitoring Industry Trends

Lastly CEO’s develop work habits of staying abreast of current news and more specifically industry news and trends. Michael Bruch, CEO of the new social platform, Willow, spends an hour or two every day keeping up with Technology news on Twitter but recognizes the importance of not obsessing over what other people are doing.

There are countless other successful work habits CEO’s employ. Can you think of a few others?


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