How do you define a valuable employee?

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valuable employee

How do you define a valuable employee?

Is it experience or maybe work ethic? Do you see competence in a specific area as the be-all and end-all of determining employee value?

What about soft skills? Do they hold the same value when interviewing for a rock star engineer or strategist position? Well, they should.

While technical skills and other hard skills defined in the job description matter, it's an employee's people skills and a whole host of other personal attributes that are crucial for long-term success. Most companies undervalue soft skills or the impact people development will have on an organization. They assume the hard stuff holds more weight and makes the business go around. In turn, when difficult personalities and egos emerge, when sudden change and uncertainty takes place, and when conflict seems inevitable, it's the employees with the natural ability to communicate and respond to crisis who hold the most value. 
When crafting the people elements for fostering a great company culture with strong workplace habits, here are eight employees you'll want to consider hiring:

Your turn: What traits or behaviors have you seen the most valuable employees exhibiting?